Playlist for Feb 15, 2012


Chico The Concretes The Concretes
Choke The Wooden Birds Magnolia
Churches Under The Stairs Brendan Canning Something For All Of Us…
Cherrybomb Caribou Start Breaking My Heart | Up In Flames Sampler
Champagne Coast Blood Orange Coastal Grooves
Circle Of Friends PVT Church With No Magic
Church And Law When Saints Go Machine Konkylie
Circulars Still Corners Creatures Of An Hour
Citizen Broken Bells Broken Bells
Choco Fight Deerhoof Friend Opportunity
Champing At The Bit (Live) Jogger This Great Pressure
Raconte-Moi Une Histoire M83 Hurry Up We’re Dreaming
Cindy Tells Me Brian Eno Here Come the Warm Jets
Chubby Cheeks Mocky  Saskamodie
Chokin’ The Whitefield Brothers In The Raw
Chase Son Lux We Are Rising
The City Milosh Meme
Charterflug White Hole Pink Album
circuit breaker, line noise I Am Robot and Proud Hear You Soon: Vol 1
Cimple Boom Bip Blue Eyed In The Red Room
Channel Pressure Ford & Lopatin Channel Pressure
Choking You Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher
Circling Four Tet There Is Love In You
Seven Stars AIR Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Chores Animal Collective Strawberry Jam
Circling High Hess Is More Creation Keeps The Devil Away
Cinema feat. Justice Kareem GZA Pro Tools
Chocolate Dam-Funk Rhythm Trax Vol. 4
Cholera El Rego El Rego
Che Che Cole Makossa Daptone Gold Daptone Gold
In My Dreams Claps Wreck
Claudia Lewis M83 Hurry Up We’re Dreaming
It’s My Part Jonquil Point of Go
In Your Arms Chairlift Something
Drifting In and Out Porcelain Raft Strange Weekend
Let It Shine Bad Weather California Sunkissed
When We Could All Float Away Evan Voytas Feel Me
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2 thoughts on “Playlist for Feb 15, 2012

  1. Misti Colomb says:

    I admire your work , regards for all the good blog posts.

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